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Lucino Vanities and its warranties will comply with the provisions of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993. 

We only offer to replace product(s) if it is defective or damaged. 

Standard Warranty
Lucino Vanities offers a standard 5-year warranty on most product(s) but subject to the Warranty Limitations (below).  Lucino Vanities warranty only relates to residential use of its product(s).

We will repair, replace, refund the item depending on the nature of the fault. Lucino Vanities warranty may not extend to consequential losses or costs.


Lucino Vanities abides by the Consumer Guarantees Act for any damaged or faulty product(s). 

In line with Lucino Vanities shipping policy, the customer shall inspect the product(s) on delivery.  Any damage or defect must be notified within 24 hours of delivery.

The customer must allow Lucino Vanities or its authorised agent, the opportunity to inspect the product(s) within a reasonable time following delivery, if the customer believes the product(s) is defective or damaged.  If the customer fails to comply with these terms the product(s) shall be presumed to be free from any defect or damage. 

If Lucino Vanities agrees the product(s) is defective or damaged and the customer is entitled to reject, Lucino Vanities, at its sole discretion can replace or repair the product(s).  All warranty covered repair work is to be undertaken by an authorised tradesperson.

Limitations on Warranty

Consequential loss, installation and costs are generally not covered by the warranty. The warranty is not transferable.

Installations and workmanship not carried out by a qualified experienced tradesperson are excluded by the provisions of this warranty.  Upon request, the customer must produce Lucino Vanities with evidence that installation was completed by a qualified experienced tradesperson.  

We expect the installer to follow Lucino Vanities installation instructions and video.

Installations must comply with industry standards and normal practices including pre-installation inspection and checking and post-installation testing of all functions for failure. Failure to comprehensively inspect for defects/flaws before installation (and on immediate arrival) can in some circumstances limit your claim under the warranty. 

The warranty does not cover: normal wear and tear, misuse of a product(s) and/or use for which it was designed, minor imperfections not affecting performance or decorative value, unauthorised repairs or modifications, neglect, deliberate damage, failure to care for or maintain the product(s) in an acceptable manner, damage occurred by hitting, dropping or scratching the product(s).