Whether it’s a tap, basin, mirror or colour you want to be your bold statement piece in your bathroom, you’ll want these all to link together for a cohesive space. Fixtures in this space however are key for your bathroom being a good bathroom to a great one.

Basins come in various shapes & colours. Consider what matches your aesthetic and functionality preferences and existing décore. Selecting the right basin for your bathroom involves various factors such as size, style, materials and functionality. The size of basin is key, what size fits on your preferred vanity size and what looks visually pleasing. You don’t want it too small or oversized for your space. Think about the depth of the vessel, are you able to easily wash your hands? Do you have enough depth for hands when washing your face? Is it deep enough for the water not to splash up? 

All are key when selecting a new basin to ensure you feel comfortable using the basin in everyday use.

Aesthetically, do you want a round or square countertop basin, or do you prefer an undermounted/moulded basin. Countertop basins provide a more modern, stylish look and the vanity install height can be adjusted to suite, while an undermounted/ acrylic basin creates a sleeker slim line finish without overwhelming the space.

Once you have found a basin that works for you, the next key decision is selecting your tapware. 

Think about what would work best for you and your needs?

Think functionality when deciding on Wall Mounted or Top Mounted fixtures. Do you have kids that will need to lean over the basin to reach the spout or is your plumbing allowing for wall mounting fixtures. Think about Height and handle operation, single-handle faucets are more convenient and contemporary, while double-handles faucets offer separate controls for hot and cold. 

Style and colour selected can make your tap go from a standard plumbing fixture to a bold statement piece all by the type of style you choose or the colour you’ve selected.

From chrome, black or brass, shiny or matt? Brushed or Polished? The options are endless but make sure you choose what suits your space and home the best. Some finishes, like the matte or brushed surfaces, can hide water spots and fingerprints better than polished while the polished is designed to be cleaned easily.

By considering these factors and doing thorough research, you can find the perfect fixtures that suits your needs, style preferences, and budget.

Jenna Hayes