As the year is quickly coming to an end we start to look forward to a fresh new year and what styles and influences are going to become more popular.

We are constantly seeing the styles and colours for Kitchens and bathrooms evolve. It is part of what makes this such an exciting industry to be part of. While kitchens and bathrooms are quite different spaces, a lot of the styles and materials involved are the same, so a lot of the same influences come through in the designs.


We have seen the all-white spaces recede and more colour and warmth is coming through. Still lighter tones but a more subtle look rather than a dramatic stark feel or a bright white.

Timber materials are continuing to be popular, from dramatic dark tones to a lighter more subtle tones.

Dramatic stone grains and patterns are being used to create a focal point to the space, whether that be a kitchen or bathroom. Think soft grays, off white tones. These are often balanced with the introduction of timber tones creating a warmer total feel.


We are looking to the introduction of more texture, this can be introduced through the wall finish, the tapware and handle details, doors and panels, benchtop finish, tiles, lighting, flooring etc.

Think building up layers of texture to create a more complex and varied feel.

Imagine these textures really take on a whole new feel when feature lighting is added to really pick up on the details.


We are seeing more and more move toward curves, in the benchtop and the panels. Less sharp square shapes and toward a more organic softer space.


Large statement pieces are becoming more prominent, large lighting pieces, dramatic custom rangehood design detailing, kitchen island scale and shape, creating a dramatic feature for the space.

Splashbacks are moving toward the continuation of the stone from the tops, this creates a large area of the patterning to make the grain / patterning of the stone become more dominant on the horizontal & vertical planes. Especially when bookmarked matched so the grain continues in line. Think large, oversized statement features rather than lots of smaller elements.


Porcelain materials are becoming a more popular choice, with its slimline 12mm thickness, creates an elegant feel. With superior durability it is certainly where the market is heading. Also, with a range of textures adds to the materials interest.

There is an endless array of looks and styles and beautiful ways of detailing your space. But remember it is your home and should reflect your style and personality too. Don’t be constrained by fashion but use it as a guide and inspiration of what can be done, pick and choose elements that will work with your project and final vision. So, roll on 2024, I feel excited about the projects and different looks that we will see over the next year in this ever-changing industry.

Jonelle Bowman, Kitchen Designer