A tranquil, minimalist bathroom can do wonders for our state of mind providing a calm, uncluttered environment where you can truly relax.

Here we uncover how a careful, considered approach to bathroom design can help achieve a sense of therapeutic wellness.

Invest in bathroom storage: "The key to a minimal, less is more approach for your bathroom is organisation." says .......(designers name). "Never underestimate the power of a well designed vanity solution."

By keeping vanity. bath & shower design choices minimal, and keeping with neutral, muted colours, you can bring colour in through careful linen and decor selection. This can add a touch of personality that you can change out when the mood strikes.

"Investing in beautiful storage solutions such as a show-stopping vanity with plenty of drawers will help keep towels & toiletries concealed."

Neutral Colours:
Softer, neutral colorus such as greys and whites help provide a calm, serene feeling in your bathroom. It's not just colour choice that helps create a bathroom sanctuary. Pair your colour choices with natural stone and wooden elements to add texture and warmth to your space.

Balanced Design:
Another key element to achieving a minlamist, inviting bathroom space is to consider how accessories such as tapware and bowls will integrate within your space. Focus on clean lines and simple shapes, for example a rounded tap can add balance to a bathroom featuring sqaure tiles.